“Package context not found”

I tried to run an old project from a hackathon today and I couldn’t even though I had used Godeps to store the dependencies.

Package (context) not found

It wasn’t fun. Luckily though, this is already fixed in Godeps as of v61

It has to do with Godeps ignoring the build flags (github issue) of this file in golang.com/x/net/context/

Just another issue I’ve had with Godeps. I’m liking Glide much more in my other projects and it seems like all the major project maintainers are supporting it now. (Gogs, Echo, etc.)

In the end…

I could get the project running again but couldn’t get it deployed on Heroku. Which sucked cause a friend wanted it as an extra thing to show off in an interview sicne he was our awesome designer on the team.