War on Cars


Should you get rid of your car?

There is a calculator for figuring out if you should own a car or use ride sharing: http://www.rideordrive.org/calculator

The calculator was created by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the Department of Energy. It seems to heavily skew the numbers towards ride sharing by valuing the time in the ride share as 100% productive time.

I also don’t think it accurately prices the cost of using uber or lyft.

Mass Transit: Trains/Planes/Buses

Lots of areas lack any kind of Mass Transit that is suitable for much daily use.

For one, most transit has limited hours and times which makes late night transit almost exclusively happen via Ride sharing or Taxis (assuming no one has a car).

“Last Mile”: Bikes/Skates/Scooters/Longboards

I’d really like to get an electric longboard, but knowing longboards those can be quite dangerous even though they’re really convenient.

Not a super fan of Skates. They’re portable, but require quite a bit of set-up/tear-down time if you don’t want to deal with the inconvenience of wearing them longer than when you’re traveling.

Bikes are probably safest, but require somewhere to store them safely because they’re stolen so often. They’re hard to bring in doors or up elevators without you being the only person trying to use that door or elevator.

Scooters, specifically the electric “razor” variety being pushed by all those startups, have a nice cross of safety and portability between a bike and a longboard. I’m just so much more a fan of longboards in general.