How to get started with Go


Getting started with Go is pretty easy, but when I was learning I never found a place which actually explained it clearly.

They always lacked the reasons for why things were the way they were. Probably for simplicity, but since I was trying to also be simple I kept skipping things they said I should do but I figured were not actually needed.

TL;DR - A Summary

For those who don’t want to read the article (linked above) here’s the short-short version.

  1. Download Go (as of now 1.7) from

  2. I recommend picking the one for your OS from the “featured” section

  3. Install go on your system

  4. Choose a location on your system to setup your Go-Path (aka. $GOPATH)

  5. Setup your environment with your $GOPATH and add installed Go binaries to your $PATH.

Any issues or suggestions? Tell me on github.