Apple Needs to Reinvent Itself


Best of all, Siri is finally a single unified personality that sits across all of your devices. In the past, Siri on your iPad was different from Siri on your Mac — one would learn that you’re traveling to Iceland, and the other might never know. Now, similar to other assistants, Siri knows you and can anticipate your interests on whatever device you use.

There was more, too. Apple is letting developers create apps that can perform machine learning tasks on its devices. It’s also diving heavily into computer vision. Developers can now create augmented reality features, meaning they can add virtual objects overlaid on images from the real world.

I’m hoping that developers will be able to tell Siri information they want her to know about, but in a way that is smarter than notifications.

Imagine Uber or HotelTonight simply telling Siri about the thing you just booked. I believe that Google already does something similar with it’s extra email headers which power the special buttons in Gmail.

Something which lets Siri know information you’ve asked a service to tell her and which Siri does not bombard you with unless it’s relevant. So not a notification. Therefore, you could give Siri a lot more information than you would via notifications to the user because they won’t be so overwhelmed.

It would also be nice if that information given is done via the apps themselves not via some API Apple releases so that all the information Siri recieves is kept between your devices or in iCloud encrypted.

Apple Needs to Reinvent Itself.

– via New York Times

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